the week of thanksgiving… (insert exaggerated sigh here)
thanksgiving has always been my absolute favorite holiday of the year (obviously followed very closely by my birthday) –
the smells, the golden color of the air, the trees changing a thousand different colors…
isn’t it funny how sometimes you can love change and what it brings to your life and other times all you can do is simply loathe it.
i think i’m loathing change right now.
i’m not ready for thanksgiving… i’m not ready for the unsightly gray of winter…
the black skeleton outlines of trees marked by a colorless, foggy background of a sky.
how in the world does anyone not get depressed in the winter?

the only thing i’m ready for is the change in my heart to occur that i can’t seem to push into action.


About Rachel Halsey

i'm like a faucet that leaks, but there is comfort in the sound.

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