new best friend.

it’s been a sad day. we are looking for a new home for our itty bitty baby gracie… mostly because we’re not home during the day at all and both of seem to have forgotten how much work a non-potty-trained pup is.
that being said, i’ve been trying to think of ways to “ease the pain…” both for myself and for oscar. i truly believe he’s grown to love the little girl. even though she’s constantly chasing and biting on him.
the perfect solution?
a kitty!
i figured cats are much easier to take care of… litter training is natural to them… and hey, a friend for oscar! (and me… and john…)
so today ava and i went to the humane society.
we decided to stop in first at the receiving center because i’d heard a rumor that all of the animals that are going to be euthanized are kept there.
when we got there, we asked the woman at the desk if they had animals we could look at. she kind of smirked at us and called a big, brown, bear of a man over to us to show us around. he asked if we had visited before… when we shook our heads, he looked at us in a sad kind of way and sighed “we’ll start over here then…”
he led us into a room with wall to wall cages, that smelled faintly of a doctors office. inside the cages, were month old puppies! i held a terrier mix and he curled up under my chin, whimpering slightly. brown bear proceeded to tell us these were the newest residents, still sad and scared and not wanting to be in cages. i put tim the teacup terrier back in his cage and opened the door of his neighbor: a fuzzy red-brown lab mix. she was adorable, with light eyes and little ears. i asked her if she had tinkled on herself, because i’m pretty sure she had. brown bear man laughed at me.
he took us outside and we walked down a sidewalk surronded side to side and floor to ceiling by a chain link fence. i felt this is what it must look like in prison. he opened the door to a “warehouse” type room… again, filled with wall to wall cages, only these cages were bigger. he told us the older dogs were kept in this room. and the ones with green stickers on their doors were the ones that were going to be put to sleep by the end of the day. i looked at all the stickers, and then back at him, clearly horrified. he nodded, understanding entirely even though i hadn’t said a word.
i asked him if he had to put them to sleep.
he nodded, still looking sad, and said it really wasn’t that bad… they didn’t feel it. it just makes their heart stop. he said the worst part is how sweet some of the dogs are. or how young. he said all they need is just one person to give them a chance… there’s just so many.
i knelt down at one of the cages. it was hound/terrier/lab mix… from what i could guess, and she was beautiful. she had seven of the tiniest puppies i’ve ever seen in my life. they were eating furiously, and she was looking up at me with sad eyes. i put my hand flat against the cage and she started licking it as her tail thumped softly against the wall.
ava knelt beside me and asked if i was ok. i hadn’t realized i was crying. “i just wish i had a yard… so i could take them all home…”
she nodded, patted my arm, and walked towards the next row of cages.
after we visited all the dogs, holding and loving on the ones small enough to leave their cages, brown bear took us into another building. this was the cat building, he said.
cats, i thought to myself, maybe john would think about it…
we went into the kitten room first, i held a baby one that looked just like this:
i pouted and whined to ava about how i wanted to take one home with me. they were just so little and helpless!
we went through room by room, looking at little cats, big cats, baby cats, old cats, and even some more puppies.
my heart broke for each one.
why do i have to love animals so much? i kept grumbling to myself.
one of the last rooms we went into, i made eye contact with one of the cutest things i’ve ever seen. he looked up at me and begged me to open his cage “meowww” i opened the cage and lifted the furry ball of love into my arms, he nestled into my neck and began purring immediately “i think you’ve found something special!” brown bear laughed….
i nuzzled my nose and cheek against the soft, cashmere-like fur. i decided he looked like a garfield. basically just like this:
i visited garfield a few more times before finalling leaving, fealing defeated and wishing there was more i could do for all of those animals. i just can’t believe how many there were….
brown bear told me that most days, they receive 30-40 animals… and it’s just so sad that there’s only so much room.
i called john. begged to put mr. kitty “on hold”. i could pick him up next weekend, after we get paid. john said no. we shouldn’t take on another animal, and he’s probably right…
i just wish i could have brought my new best friend home with me.
i think he’d like curling up on the couch with oscar. or in the bed with me.

i really hope i can live on a farm one day.

we never made it to the humane society…


About Rachel Halsey

i'm like a faucet that leaks, but there is comfort in the sound.

2 responses to “new best friend.

  1. thahalsey

    i promise one day baby we can have a big fenced in yard or a farm and you can have as many animals it will hold. i promise baby!

  2. This broke my heart to read. Poor puppies and kittens!

    I can’t promise anything at all, but I can ask my mom if she would be willing to take in Gracie for you guys if you are still trying to find a home for her. She desperately wants a puppy, and maybe, just maybe, my dad will finally give in and let her have one.

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