icky sickies.

i hate bing sick.
hate. hate. hate.
this is the third day of a throbbing head, stuffed up nose, and painful throat.
plus, i sound like a dying kermit the frog.
and i’ve been at work. which intensifies the sick, i’m pretty sure.
i don’t like the grownup kind of sick.

john’s sweet to me when i’m sick, he says he’s sorry i feel bad at least once an hour… and offers to get me things.

i remember having the flu when i was 8 or 9. it was the worst experience of my life and i’m pretty sure it was the very first time i experienced a migraine.
i can remember being sick as a kid, and it doesn’t seem so bad…
my mom always put us in bed, brought a tv up to our room, and checked on us every half hour. she would make us chicken or potato soup, and call our dad if we threw up (she couldn’t handle that part of the sickness)… and then my dad would come home with egg drop soup from our local chinese place. and talk to us in his soothing mr. rogers-like voice. he would pray out loud that we would feel better and if – heaven forbid – we did throw up, he would sit in the bathroom with us and hold our hair back. and bring us sprite or gingerale or 7up. mostly 7up, which is why i still can’t drink it to this day.
needless to say, i was spoiled when i was sick. and i was led to believe that everyone was taken care of like that, and that everyones parents loved them like mine loved me.

my kids will think that, too.


About Rachel Halsey

i'm like a faucet that leaks, but there is comfort in the sound.

One response to “icky sickies.

  1. Your childhood memories remind me of how my parents used to take care of us when we were sick. You’ll be a great mom one day!

    This one memory sticks with me. When I was nine and really sick, my mom brought me a stack of Nancy Drew books and a potted petunia to keep me company when she had to leave for work the next day.

    I am so sorry that you feel sick! I wish I could bring you tissues and mad libs and homemade soup. I’m glad Johnboy is taking good care of you. Please feel better quickly!

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