3,600 seconds.

i had a whole hour to catch up on some writing while at work…
i’ve been sitting here at the front desk amazed at how few times the phone has beep beep beeped at me…
it normally interupts every word or thought or bite (i have learned it’s a bad idea to eat my lunch up here)
but one whole hour… that’s a lot of time – and i only have six minutes left.
my head feels so full and my heart feels even fuller… i can’t remember the last time my head was so busy i couldn’t even sort it all out enough to write.
but that’s where i am.
i’m tired and i’m achey and my heart is heavy.
i miss home today. i miss a comfortable bed and a content, happy heart.
i miss a quiet head.
i can’t even sleep at night because the things that taunt me come to life as soon as i turn out the lights.
i am restless.
john prayed over me last night which calmed my heart for a few moments.
proof that this is not a battle of flesh and blood… but i already knew that.


About Rachel Halsey

i'm like a faucet that leaks, but there is comfort in the sound.

One response to “3,600 seconds.

  1. I miss you. I say it a lot…but boy, do I ever mean it.

    Maybe I don’t know your exact thoughts, but I know the “restless/uncomfortable/headandhearttoofull” feeling.

    You know this already, but call me anytime. We can talk about anything weighing on your mind, we can talk about the weather, or you can call me and we can just sit and listen to each other breathe…although that could get unsettling after a while…

    P.S. This summer we need to collaborate on some creative projects. That could be fun.

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