R.I.P Bruce

monday night was the same as any other ‘ole night… we went to bed a little later than usual (eleven!) and i slept extra hard thanks to unisom.
john and i awoke to the sound of our cell phone alarm, as usual, and john went to take oscar on a walk as i let my head fall hard back into it’s concave mold in my pillow.
i had barely shut my eyes when john came into the room yelling
“holy fuck baby – your car is gone!”
i was wide awake now.

yep, sure enough…. my beloved honda accord, bruce, had vanished from the carport where he had been parked and put to sleep the night before.
i racked my brain trying to think of a million different things all at once. “where are my keys…” “what was in the car…” “how did we not hear anything…” “maybe it just rolled down the driveway…”
finally i came to the realization that someone had actually stolen my car. stolen it.
who does stuff like that?!
i worked two jobs the entire summer of 2006 to save up enough money to buy a car and i had done it.
and now it was gone in the blink of an eye.

i’m not even sure if the true reality of what happened has even hit me yet.
the scariest part of it all is knowing that someone was that close to my house and could have done a whole lot worse than just take my car.
maybe i should be thankful…
but really, i’m just sad.
bruce was the one thing in mine and john’s life that was actually paid for.
the one thing in my life that was proof that i could have a goal and meet it. bruce made several trips from south carolina to new hampshire and back again.
he was reliable and never had any attitude problems.
well, except for his o.c.d locking thing… but that was endearing.

all my insurance company can do for me is wait twenty days and then cut me a check for whatever they think bruce was worth.
i don’t think that’s fair at all…
he may have not been worth very much but i bet you anything i could’ve driven him for another ten years.
i’m not too sure where i’m going to be able to find another car that i can afford to make payments on.
but i’ll deal with that later.

for now, i’m going to mourn the loss of a dear and faithful friend.
here’s to you, bruce.

brucethis is not bruce, but it looks like his twin and i would like to remember bruce looking happy. like this car does…


About Rachel Halsey

i'm like a faucet that leaks, but there is comfort in the sound.

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