i’ll be okay.

I kind of don’t mind it,
but I’m losing my mind.
I’ll put off what’s important
if it’ll buy me some time.
Time to get braver.
Time to postpone
that evident failure
I can’t seem to disown.
And I’m still alone.
Yeah, I’m still alone.


libby and i (and john and aubrey and matt… and… ha)
saw allison weiss this weekend at mellow mushroom. um. amazing. i can’t stop listening to her cd and i almost feel like a should apologize for it or something… like someone just found my beloved avril lavigne cd in my car’s cd player (because that’s  not a true story. ahem.) but i will not apologize. she is amazing. and i kind of want to be her. with her cute glasses and unique speaking voice.
anyways. check her out please.


About Rachel Halsey

i'm like a faucet that leaks, but there is comfort in the sound.

One response to “i’ll be okay.

  1. Elizabeth Oliver

    did you download her free live cd?
    just did yesterday. made mike listen to it thirty six times.
    why aren’t we best friends with her?

    …actually, you pretty much are.

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