best thrift store find. ever.



and the best part? it was free. the woman behind the counter said i could just have it….
i guess i look like i need jesus.


About Rachel Halsey

i'm like a faucet that leaks, but there is comfort in the sound.

5 responses to “best thrift store find. ever.

  1. I’m a thrift store manager and I have trouble putting a price on a bible. Now if it’s leather bound with 24kt gold stamping that’s another thing. But I have always made it a pratice to give my bibles away. BUT then again you have the jerks who take advantage of that and walk up with every bible you have every time they come in. And you just have to think either they are selling them or they have an awful lot of friends in need. ENJOY

  2. xoxoashely

    Did you get this from the Salvation Army in Greenville? I got a free Bible from there once too, and it was full of personal memorabilia like newspaper clippings and handwritten quotes from a lady who was born in the 30’s! It makes me very pensive to look through it.
    My great grandma’s name is Virginia Miller, weird…. She is 94.

  3. Rachel Halsey

    ashley! maybe it’s hers! that would be amazing.
    and yes – it was the salvation army here… the one close to downtown.
    the bible that you got there sounds amazing. i’m going to keep looking for ones like those :)

  4. You need Jesus! Sister!!!!
    Lol, great find though.
    Have a good 4th.

  5. Elizabeth Oliver

    Rachel the lady who worked for mom and dad for probably over 25-30 years was named Virginia Miller. We loved her and thought of her as our family even though we were from different backgrounds I loved that woman that i drove to her slum apartment behind the Beacon. I was 16 when i drove her in my mom’s Volvo wagon and I loved her like my own grandmother. I bet she read a Bible just like this, because she was Jesus to a young very naive white girl from the eastside of Spartnburg. I love you and glad you have this treasure . You know dad always says ” the best Bible is a read one” ! I think i will go read mine now. ♥

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