re-do number two: master bedroom.

the sad view when we moved in:

and now – my favorite part! 
every piece of furniture in the master bedroom (minus the boxspring and mattress) came from a thrift store and was lovingly salvaged, sanded, and painted by (drumroll, please) – yours truly :)

IMG_0687 my reading nook! $12 chair that i painted to match the rest of the room – i loved the vintage upholstery!

IMG_0695i loved the detail on the nightstand (even though it was dark brown when i bought it for $5) – and how perfect is the picture frame!? $4 at Ritz on clearance.

IMG_0685i fell in love with the $15 dresser as soon as i saw it. after a fresh coat of paint it looked like it had always belonged in my room :) i left the original hardware for a bit of vintage appeal ;)

next on the to do list: rug and/or storage bench for the foot of the bed.


About Rachel Halsey

i'm like a faucet that leaks, but there is comfort in the sound.

One response to “re-do number two: master bedroom.

  1. i love this.
    your room is perfect.
    and can i just say, those shutters look smashing:)

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