Design Plan Uno

I have decided that I need an office. I get way too distracted while I’m trying to do work related things by one or more of the following about every 2.3 minutes:
the tv
my husband
a cat
a dog
the annoying lighting in our living room
the cars outside
someone talking to me other than one of the above
things i should be doing other than working even if it’s more working aka different ways to decorate the living room, cleaning up, etc etc.

therefore. i have begun my plans for a home office on (somewhat) of a budget. it probably will not take place in the house where we’re living at the moment (we only have two bedrooms and common living quarters…. sigh) but that doesn’t mean that i can’t have a plan ready for when john and i buy a lovely cottage with MORE than enough room for my office, his music room, a nursery, a guest room, etc etc :)

work table. anthropologie – $699.95

lamp. target – $79.99

9101036 Front Large
imac. best buy – $2199.99

storage desk. pottery barn – $349.99

desk chair. CB2 – $199.99

 Product Image
floor lamp. target – $159.99

rug. anthropologie – $268.00

loveseat. target – $174.98

side table. ikea – $19.99

lamp. target – $34.99

so there you have it. i mean come on – who wouldn’t be inspired working in my office?? and just as soon as i have an extra $5000 or whatever it would be – you know what i’m doing with it! haha….


About Rachel Halsey

i'm like a faucet that leaks, but there is comfort in the sound.

5 responses to “Design Plan Uno

  1. Love the storage desk from pottery barn. It looks like a great way to stay organized and it’s very pretty.

  2. i want an office!
    and i love that desk!


  3. sam

    Truly great ideas perfect for those interested in new Living Room Designs for one’s home.

  4. Can I live in your dream office when you’re not working? I can sleep under the work table.

  5. john halsey

    i wish i could have all of these items in a new house when you get home from work…


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