i need

to stop planning out my life…

i never end up going where i want to anyways…


About Rachel Halsey

i'm like a faucet that leaks, but there is comfort in the sound.

2 responses to “i need

  1. I am learning not to plan my life too much, too. Or at least, to hold tightly to certain ideas.

    Sometimes it can be quite exciting to go somewhere we don’t want to, though…I’m learning that, too :)

    I love you and we need chat time again really soon. Perhaps another before work coffee date?

  2. artgrey

    I had planned on not planning things out, but it obviously didn’t go as planned. Direction is never a bad thing, we just have to make sure that we’re always open to the possibility that the universe has something far more interesting lying in wait for us than what we could have planned for.

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