what if

what if you could do it all over again?

take back that thing you said… or that way you reacted?
what if you could have waited to kiss that person… or had enough courage to kiss someone in the first place?
what if you hadn’t moved in? or out? what if you didn’t know what it felt like to share a bed with anyone else?
what if you could take back all of the stupid decisions?
what if you could have had the choice to see into the future; to see what would have been affected?
what if you had left the country? what if you had finished school? or never even started school?
what if you had saved more money?
what if you had bought that one thing you still think about?
what if you hadn’t noticed that person?
what if you hadn’t given them a certain look, or laughed at their joke a certain way?
what if you had never entertained those thoughts? or those other ones?
what if you had insisted on not marrying until you were thirty?
what if you had decided to never marry at all?
what if you didn’t eat meat? or sweets?
what if you loved to exercise?
what if you could change your entire style; be whoever you wanted to be?
what if you had been a doctor, or a lawyer?
what if you hadn’t fallen asleep with him? what if you hadn’t driven her home?
what if you hadn’t kissed back? would things be different now?

what if you could go back? what if you could change anything and everything? would you?


About Rachel Halsey

i'm like a faucet that leaks, but there is comfort in the sound.

3 responses to “what if

  1. artgrey

    The wouldashouldas are the worst. But focusing on the semi-present future tends to help me get past my regrets. Well, that and scotch. Lots and lots of scotch.

    • Rachel Halsey

      haha…. you’re the best. i need to see you soon. and we can drink scotch. or you can order me a girly drink where i can’t taste the alcohol in it – yes… that would be lovely :)

  2. Despite all hurt that I am feeling right now, I wouldn’t take back one single part of my life.

    The one thing I am going to do differently is make sure I have friend time more from now on. I love you guys!

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