monday, monday…

i would have to say that the mamas and the papas seemed to think monday was a better day than i seem to think it is. or perhaps they only thought it was an interesting song title/topic? who knows…
but yes – it’s monday again. thankfully today has gone by fairly quickly in comparison to some of my more recent week beginnings.
i’m finally starting to get busy with photo shoots… this weekend will be my very first weekend doing a shoot saturday and sunday. i’m excited.
i also have a couple more weddings booked which is always promising.
maybe one day i’ll actually get to do what i love for a living ;)

john starts school next monday. i couldn’t be more proud of him.
we’ve both known for a long time that the time to go back to school is now – before more debt or, perhaps more exciting, before baby halsey’s begin to surface (what a creepy visual…)
so maybe john will have a degree under his belt (creepy visual #2) before those big life changes start happening.
it’s also quite nice to see him so excited about something other than me
(yay for the most creepy visuals in one blog post!)
but in all seriousness – he’s going to do wonderfully and i can’t wait to see where he decides to let education and job opportunities take him.
he and some other cool kids have also started a pretty kick ass band and they’re planning on having a show sometime in september (details to come on that later) but i’m pretty sure greenville is in for a treat.
i should have titled this post “let me brag about my husband” but alas, i had no idea that was going to be my topic of conversation.
i’ve just been thinking a lot today about how amazing it is to know that you’re with the person you’re supposed to be with. even if both of you dated a million other people – you know that nothing compares to what you have, because if it did – you wouldn’t be together.
i think i’m beginning to realize that more and more and more.
it gives me a nice, peaceful, calming sense to focus on.
i think that anyone who is in love can testify that there is nothing like it
and even if you thought you loved before – when you’re with the person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with, every other relationship feels like a grossly long game of make believe – hoping beyond hope that it might possibly turn into the “real thing”.
i love that john and i both look back on past relationships wishing only that we could have known what was lying ahead. i think we both would have been more than happy to never even have gone on a date before septemeber of 2007.
we’re coming up on a year of marriage – and although marriage is hard and at times painful – there is nothing more rewarding than being married to your best friend :)

on another note – only two weeks until the grandest of grand family vacations.
i can’t wait to have ten whole days of nothing besides john time, family time, and perhaps most exciting: sister time.
i miss my sisters more than anything else in this world.
i’m so glad that on top of having gorgeous kids – my parents did a phenomenal job raising their children to be the best of friends.

i need more lunch dates with old friends… more coffee dates before work with kindred spirits… and definitely more summer evenings with my love.
i am in love with life right now. maybe for the first time in a long while.
i have friends, i have love, and life is always full of surprises.
i can’t wait for the next one.


About Rachel Halsey

i'm like a faucet that leaks, but there is comfort in the sound.

6 responses to “monday, monday…

  1. i miss you!
    and im so proud of john:)
    and sister time is the best.

    can we please see each other soon?
    e-mails are no longer enough.

    • Rachel Halsey

      they were never enough! as soon as i can possibly see you, it’s going to happen!
      i love you and miss you and wish i could sleep in your bed tonight. i mean…. nothing.

  2. Sweet Rachel,
    It makes me so happy to read this. I am so proud of you and your blooming photography business and John for taking the time to go back to school.

    I’m so thankful you two met. It was good enough to call John friend and brother, but to have you both has been such a blessing in my life. I can’t think of a better example of a loving, real couple than the two of you. You both give me so much hope that I will have the same kind of love one day.

    Coffeedate soon! Love you and hope you are having the best week ever.

    • Rachel Halsey

      and i can’t wait to see what kind of amazing person you end up spending the rest of your life with =]

      coffe date for sure! you tell me when and where!

  3. artgrey

    Firstly, there is nothing creepy under John’s belt. When you’ve spent as much time down there as I have… ahem, I digress.

    It’s an exciting time to know Mr. and Mrs. Halsey, as you are on the cusp of becoming the happy family you will be for the rest of your lives. It won’t be easy, but endeavors of value seldom are.

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