i love my life

and my husband.

for texting me a picture of him wearing my favorite shirt of his:

of course, i had to say thank you:

last night before we fell asleep, we were having a very un-romantic conversation (the topic of which i will spare you from knowing)… but john ended the conversation simply saying “aw, baby… i just always want you to be yourself.”
and i knew that he meant it.
and i can’t think of anything more lovely… than being able to be completely comfortable, completely yourself, and completely silly around the person you love.

and it’s always a nice gesture to where that shirt that you know they love.

perhaps tonight i’ll wear that tank top to bed that john likes so much
(TMI alert!)


About Rachel Halsey

i'm like a faucet that leaks, but there is comfort in the sound.

3 responses to “i love my life

  1. Girl™

    That is really cute :)

  2. Aww you guys love each other!!!!

  3. Johnny Cakes

    you do love me! i really do want you to be yourself. that’s why i married you ;)

    love love

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