the other night, john and i went to help with the cleaning out of my late great grandmother’s house
(it was the first time i had been there since the day of her funeral…)
– i was instantly overwhelmed. in this house was 50+ years of everything you can imagine…
from hand written letters to old slides to artwork to books to everything in between.
i had no idea that the house contained so much storage…
i never once thought of my nannie as a pack-rat;
but there is absolutely no other word to describe her.
my grandma, great aunt, aunt, and cousin were there, too.
everyone was cleaning out drawers and closets and cabinets and stuffing box after box of things to get rid of.
i left with some amazing yellow and green pots and pans, christmas ornaments, an old radio, some records, kitchen stuff, sheets, etc.
but a quick moment that has quickly turned into a moment i will never forget,
was when my grandma came up behind me and gave me a hug.
she hugged me for longer than i can ever remember her hugging me before…
i could see the tired in her eyes and hear the exhaustion in her voice.
i knew how overwhelming it must be to have to sift through your mother’s years of “treasures”.
i thought about getting older, and how quickly it happens.
i wonder what things i will save forever that my kids will have a memory of and therefore never want to get rid of it…
i also wonder what types of things i will consider valuable and memorable that my children will simply box up and get rid of.
it makes me remember that life is not made up of “stuff”.
it is about the relationships you  make and nurture and encourage while you’re on this earth…
it’s about the hugs and the  laughs and the time you invest.
but it is awfully nice to have things to remember love by.
my grandmother saved this for me when she found it. she said everyone knew i was the only person that should have it.
i couldn’t be more honored.
i’m taking it to the beach with me… praying that it still works.


About Rachel Halsey

i'm like a faucet that leaks, but there is comfort in the sound.

One response to “realist.

  1. I think a camera is such an appropriate memento to have of your great grandmother. You have a way of capturing all those hugs and laughs shared between family.

    Can’t wait to find out if it works and to hear all about your vacation, love.

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