sweet land of liberty.

with all of this healthcare talk swirling around me… i can hardly keep up.
i feel like i am constantly asking john and/or my dad what this or that is, what it would mean for our country, starting families, buying houses, etc.
luckily – i have (at least) two opinionated men in my life who help keep me straight… even if i don’t always agree with them (or they with each other).
i was reading some blogs today and came across a woman talking about maternity leave. pretty common stuff. it’s certainly something i think about when weighing the pros and cons of my job/getting pregnant/etc.
how about this though –
she referenced this chart displaying different countries and their common maternity leave practices and how about this:
the united states is the ONLY country that doesn’t “require” a woman be paid during her maternity leave.

get this: “Sweden is one country which provides generous parental leave: all working parents are entitled to 16 months paid leave per child, the cost being shared between employer and State.”

why in the world would other countries find this so important while the US is wrapped up in two parent incomes and a woman being forced to head back to work after a mere six weeks (that’s generous) of only a percent of her income being paid by her employer for that small amount of time…  IF her employer WANTS to pay her that small percent.

most countries don’t even offer childcare for children under the age of three because they feel this is time that the parents should be able to be home with the child while we have thousands of daycare centers here that take 6 week old babies so that the mom can hurry up and go back to work.

this makes me so sad… wonder what john would think about moving to canada?


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