remember when you took me to that one spot beside the lake and i wouldn’t kiss you because i didn’t know what to do. but we layed in the sand and you wrapped your arms around me and i breathed in your scent for the last time…
my dress smelled like you for a week and i couldn’t  help but wonder if i would ever feel this way again.
i was sixteen.

and then there was you… the first one who ever lied to me… the first one i ever gave a part of myself to.
i felt betrayed and belittled through only a month’s worth of conversations and hand holding and stolen kisses in your basement.
i was seventeen.

and then i met someone who was different… i felt a love for the very first time that i had never known before.
i felt safe and comfortable.
but i didn’t feel alive.
i didn’t feel that burning in my chest or those butterflies in my stomach that i knew i could feel.
i ran away from you and towards anything that would make me feel like the passion inside of me was something worth nurturing.
i was eighteen.

and then there was You…. the one who watched me through it all… the one who picked up every piece of my broken heart and healed me with your promises of what you had in store for my life.
there were times that i forgot about you… times when i wanted you to leave me alone; but you never did.
you were the one i wanted them to be like… the one i wanted them to strive after.
but i wasn’t like you.

do you remember when we first met? do you remember when you took me down those stone steps in the woods and promised not to kill me? i remember feeling your hand against mine and having a spark run through my entire body.
i remember the moment you looked at me without even a hint of fear in your eyes as i described to you my deepest of secrets in the dungeon of my heart….
i remember the moment i fell in love with you.


About Rachel Halsey

i'm like a faucet that leaks, but there is comfort in the sound.

One response to “found.

  1. I want my love story to read all pretty like yours. Missed you this week!

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