this week was one of the longest weeks in the history of weeks and i have no idea why.
probably beacuse i’m constantly exhausted and giving myself deadlines that make me all stressed out and crazy.
and then when i meet one of my ridiculous deadlines that i set for myself – i’m so happy and think “see? all the stress was totally worth it for this feeling of accomplishment.”
but i’m not sure that’s true.

i’m wearing jeans at work today because it’s “clean up day” and i’m pretty sure they’re cutting off my circulation.
i have to go to the gym pronto.
and i’m serious this time.
i don’t care how much i hate it – i hate feeling like an overweight hippo more.

this probably isn’t helping:

seriously – i’ve been to starbucks at least three times this week.
i mean come on – it’s literally less than ten houses down from my house!
i have to stop.
it’s too delicious and too expensive and overall just a bad idea to partake in more than like… oh i don’t know – twice a month?

so anyways. that’s life. the ramblings of a tired, hopped up on caffiene, overweight hippo.

let’s do something fun this weekend…
maybe we could go to starbucks.


About Rachel Halsey

i'm like a faucet that leaks, but there is comfort in the sound.

2 responses to “friday;

  1. I AM SO IN.

    And listen, you seriously need to stop with all this hippo talk. You are gorgeous and amazing and YOU BETTER RECOGNIZE.

  2. John


    DO stop with the hippo ordeal.

    you’re are perfect and beautiful!

    i love you!

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