best monday ever!

john and i had originally planned on going to the beach for our big one year anniversary…
but since i ended up scheduling shoots for sunday, monday, and tuesday (yay!)
we decided to stay home and spend all day saturday doing whatever we wanted
(hanging out and going shopping)
and most of today doing the same :)
we ran errands and then met up with our good friend charles for a photo shoot (he needed some head-shots done for some stuff involving his hilarious comedy – which you should definitely check out… shows happen monday nights at coffee underground among other places throughout the week). charles is one of those people who doesn’t think he is photogenic but of course is.
exhibit a:
IMG_5010bwand then we continued our monday funday with lots of thrift store shopping goodness. we found so many amazing treasure, i couldn’t not post a blog about it ;)
please excuse the disgusting flash photography. it is dark in my house and i don’t feel like messing with it :P

first up, an amazing new chair to put at my computer desk so that i can plop myself into something that is actually comfortable as i sit for hours editing pictures.
yay yay yay. $10!
IMG_5079 and then we have BRAND NEW naturalizer shoes. so comfy. perfectly red. and definitely only $4.
IMG_5090 a lovely wine rack for all of that wine i keep telling myself i’m going to become a connoisseur of ;)
don’t worry, i have BIG plans for this baby – so keep an eye out.
$2 :)

fake cat. not to be confused with the real cat to its right.
another treasure that i have big plans for :)
a breadmaker! you have no idea how excited i am about this. i really hope it still works… still in the box with a $130 price tag.
yep. i got it for $5
vintage corduroy blue ottoman… teppei has apparently claimed this.
so… do you have any idea how much i love vintage cameras?
both of these beauties cost me less than $2. i could cry with joy even still.

and lastly… if you or anyone you know is having a baby at some point in the near future – get excited!
i found these two amazing props for photo shoots that i cannot wait to use!
IMG_5085vintage highchair…. so adorable… hopefully i will be able to talk teppei into letting me borrow it…
definitely only $10!
and this vintage cradle:
IMG_5089i am planning on sanding and painting/or staining it… and definitely making a new “mattress/pillow” for it.
i am kind of thinking an awesome yellow geometric style fabric would be adorable and very unisex :)
i will keep you updated on my progress.

and there you have it. one of the most exciting thrifting days ever :)


About Rachel Halsey

i'm like a faucet that leaks, but there is comfort in the sound.

9 responses to “best monday ever!

  1. John Halsey

    We had all sorts of great finds today! Was my toy bell not good enough to make it to your blog? I can’t remember the last time we hung out and shopped all day and didn’t argue. I’ll allow it! ;)

  2. Elizabeth Oliver

    this post made me so happy! love goodwill days!
    AND those red shoes!
    and your awesome cat!
    you should start taking him shopping with you.
    he has excellent taste.

    • Rachel Halsey

      he does have excellent taste.
      i asked him about going shopping with me, and he politely declined. he said those concrete floors in stores make his feet hurt.


    Also, we still haven’t been thrift shopping together. This is a rite of friendship passage that we have not yet engaged in! What a shame!!!

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  5. Elizabeth Oliver

    rachel, why did i NEVER see your response to me on here?
    it cracked me up.
    oh law, i miss you.
    and teppz.

  6. Rae

    I just saw that you put a post up from this blog on facebook and saw this post. I’m so jealous of people that find things at thrift stores. I love thrift stores but they must hate me LOL. I rarely find stuff except cameras, I can find cameras…go figure. Not a bad thing though:). Did you gather this stuff at goodwill??

    p.s. Your comment about what your husband said gave me a big chuckle. Take care.

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