i found gluten-free brownie mix at the fresh market last night.
the picture on the box looked JUST like regular, delicious, fudge-y brownies so i was pretty excited.
after a dinner of  steak nachos (nacho chips are made with corn!) with homemade guacomole,
i busted out the brownie mix.
even coming out of the oven they looked perfect and regular-brownie-looking.
i even made fat free cream cheese icing to go on top.
the verdict:
after one taste i decided this: they should most definitely be called “poop brownies”.
perhaps this is not my most creative moment, but i think you get the point.
john, however, loved them.


About Rachel Halsey

i'm like a faucet that leaks, but there is comfort in the sound.

3 responses to “discovered:

  1. I found this to be incredibly humorous…simply because I totally know what you mean! Btw, I went to Iced (off wade hampton, in taylors) the other day because I heard they had gluten free cupcakes. They in fact do and they in fact were AMAZING. So amazing in fact that I’m sure there must be other horrible ingredients such as refined sugar and such to make them so yummy lol. You should try em out.

    • Rachel Halsey

      ahhhh! i want gluten free cupcakes! haha. that sounds amazing. i just heard that ingles is starting to carry a lot of gluten free products as well. yipee!

  2. i realize I said “in fact” a lot more than I meant to in that comment.

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