anything to make you smile

We’re reeling through an endless fall
We are the ever-living ghost of what once was


i think so.

i sent this to christina earlier. i think it sums up my deepest thoughts from the day…
maybe even the week.

notebook doodles.

if you haven’t seen this blog – you need to start checking out her work.
it is ah-maaaa-zing.

my favorites:


everyone is writing blogs or notes with this title.

all i can think about is how much things can change in 365 days.


i found gluten-free brownie mix at the fresh market last night.
the picture on the box looked JUST like regular, delicious, fudge-y brownies so i was pretty excited.
after a dinner of  steak nachos (nacho chips are made with corn!) with homemade guacomole,
i busted out the brownie mix.
even coming out of the oven they looked perfect and regular-brownie-looking.
i even made fat free cream cheese icing to go on top.
the verdict:
after one taste i decided this: they should most definitely be called “poop brownies”.
perhaps this is not my most creative moment, but i think you get the point.
john, however, loved them.

gluten free – day #2

after much discussion about the topic… and a little bit of arm-twisting from me…
john agreed to try out the gluten free diet with me for three weeks.
if we feel better when the three weeks is up, we continue. if we feel exactly the same, we go back to enjoying our wheat/rye/barley filled favorite indulgences ;)

i figured i would try my best to keep an update (in blog format) of our hilarious journey with gluten-free food for (at least) the next three weeks. my lack of knowledge makes even yours truly want to crack up when i turn down a snack at work because “i no longer eat gluten”…. i sound so pretentious!
but in all seriousness, to those who really want to know, i certainly don’t mind saying:
i will let you decide what you want “issues” to mean.
i have been told by several people who no longer eat gluten that it can be the root of all stomach/intestinal woes.
heck yes – sign me up!
so yesterday was our first day – after a Christmas filled with tons of WHEAT – our stomachs were thankful.
i stayed home from work due to a long day of traveling on monday, on top of having a vicious cold that i had nursed with nyquil the night before.
after i drowsily awoke around 9:30, i decided to do my research.
i read about gluten and people who have allergies to it…
i read about my own symptoms and people who swore they went away completely once their diets were rid of gluten. after feeling somewhat armed with knowledge (ha. ha.), i headed to publix.

after TWO HOURS in the grocery store and viciously downloading a “is it gluten free” app on my phone for a whopping $6
i left with only these things in my cart:
three avocados
three blocks of cabot 75% less fat sharp cheddar
jennie-o turkey bacon
gluten-free oat cereal
(strangely identical to their comfort-inducing cousin, cheerios)
rice noodles
three instant rice noodle soup packets
diet dr. pepper (i know, i know… i’m going gluten-free – not completely health conscious!)
one red pepper
chicken breasts
organic teryaki sauce
cat litter
my total? $65?!?!?! great. i hate gluten-free already.

by the time i got home i was STARVING. so. i made scrambled eggs with cheese, broccoli, and peppers. nothing had ever tasted more delicious :)

1.5 hours later: i’m hungry again. hmmmm. instant rice noodle soup. amazing. and only 170 calories.
i decide to start on dinner.
i found this recipe on a great blog where almost every recipe is gluten free. score!
the recipe was fairly easy except for the fact that my turkey bacon did not want to get crispy. finally – about 12 tries later – it was mostly crisp. i followed the directions and left dinner cooking in my crock-pot while i took a shower, straightened up, and began editing the loads of pictures i have from our trip home.

about 30 minutes into editing, i’m hungry again. this sucks.
i eat a banana (which is weird because i normally hate bananas).
when john gets home i put the rice noodles on to cook. once they’re finished i spoon up the cheesy/bacon/chicken deliciousness on top and we both decide it’s the best thing ever. yay!
a little while after dinner i start craving dessert. uh oh.
does dessert even exist that isn’t super cake-y and sadly, gluten-filled?
i eat a bowl of cereal with sliced bananas and strawberries. it was perfectly satisfying :)
and that was my very first day of eating a gluten-free diet.

today? i ate cereal with john this morning.
and at 10:30 i had a slice of havarti cheese.
right now i’m starving but determined to make it 15 more minutes before i break out the instant rice noodle soup.
now to decide on dinner….


I’m sitting amongst my family and christmas music is playing in the background…
I have missed my family.
I have missed being home.


i will be here:

with these guys:


and that will equal:


days until i go home.


sometimes i go to and realize that i don’t go there enough.

favorites for today:
love the mwy quote…