cough cough hack cough

i am home sick.
i hate taking sick days – i would so much rather save them up and spend three solid weeks on an island somewhere.
oh well. i suppose there’s always next year.
i went to the doctor all by myself this morning and i have to admit – i’m pretty proud of that.
whoo! one step closer to being a real adult!

i’m tired but can’t sleep. i feel like i go so long without writing and then – out of nowhere – i want to write every thought that is in my head down at once. my mind goes a million miles a second and i can’t figure out where to begin.

{btw – i would kill my friends if they nominated me to be on what not to wear – stacy is a bitch!}

i can’t believe it is 2010. i feel like this is going to be a major year. i don’t know why. 2010 just sounds so epic ;)

i miss my husband today. i like snuggling with him when i don’t feel well. he is always warm and smells so good. i need to be better about telling him how meaningless my life would be without him.
he really is my best friend and the other half of my heart.

do you ever start thinking about the people you love and you feel overwhelmed? love makes me ache sometimes. like in a dull, slow, intense way. i think you know how much you love someone by thinking about how you would feel if they didn’t love you back. if you know you would still love them in an ache-y kind of way – it’s probably for real.

i want more real love in my life.