the trees are skeletons

cold days

colder nights

the wind is whistling louder than before… i listen

my heart is still heavy

i am always cold

the trees are skeletons and i smile at the irony of my similar heart:
bones of protection around something somehow still beating…

pushing me onward to something




Everything feels bitter-sweet.
After two and a half years… I am leaving Greenville, South Carolina and moving back home to New Hampshire.
I am thrilled about the opportunities that lie ahead for both John and myself… professional-wise, personal-wise, and business-wise. Things have fallen into place almost effortlessly and after countless prayers and long discussions about life and plans – we couldn’t be happier. Well. I guess we would be happier if we weren’t leaving behind so many fabulous friends and faces and memories.

In the past two and a half years… I have fallen in love and married my best friend:

I met and made amazing, unbelievable friends that I hope will last forever:

I started a business and have watched it flourish in a blessed way:

I became a “mom”:

I have lived on my own (with my sweet hubby) in many different places.
I am sad to think that after this weekend, I will never walk up these front steps again…

I won’t get to experience this goodness on a weekly basis (although I’m sure my pants will thanks me):

To think that my lovely little living room has gone from this –

to this –

kind of makes me want to cry…

But above all – I hope that each of you knows how much you have meant to me over these past years. You will always have a place to stay up north :)

And so I shall go back to packing….


days until i go home.


there are so many things to think about today…
… i didn’t sign up for this.

every year – as much as i love the holidays – i look forward most of all to christmas being over.
this year, i just can’t wait to be with my family.

that’s the only time i ever feel like i’m home.